Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh so very much has been going on....

Life has been busy as of late. Probably too much to post all of it here. But in a nutshell....

My son got his driver's license on July 7. On July 11, his 17th birthday, he had his first wreck. It was a small fender bender and no one was hurt, but there was damage to both vehicles and he was at fault. Birthday Bummer.

We had a cookout here for his birthday. It was nice. I wanted to show off my flower gardens and all my backyard luxuries that have been added this summer. Sadly enough, the flowers back by the pond are not faring so well and two of my hydrangeas are dying a slow death. This saddens me very much because I was so excited to get them. I will post pictures this week of the other two flower beds that are doing beautifully, (once I finish pulling weeds out of them!)

We had a day at my sister's cottage on Wawasee and the kids went tubing. I got sunburned. Not much fun in the days that followed, but the day on the lake was great!
I did finally get my hammock in my backyard too! I will post pictures later this week.

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AWB said...

Wow, it was choppy out there, but that's Wawasee for ya I guess.