Tuesday, March 17, 2009

President Obama

I know on election night I expressed my disappointment in the nation's choice for President. I also conceded to be supportive of the new President out of respect for our country. I have bit my tongue and sat back in the shadows. I do realize the mess our country is in was a terrible mess for any person to inherit to try to clean up. It is going to take a long time to "fix" things...and either he will fix them or four years later we will most likely see a new president.

That is not what this rant is about however. This rant is about President Obama's decision to appear on The Tonight Show. I am just very disappointed. It seems like President and Mrs. Obama are more obsessed with the limelight than settling down and letting Mr. Obama get down and dirty and fix our country. It seems as if they want to be a glitzy glamorous super couple walking the red carpets. Michelle on the cover of Vogue, our President on Leno.

I do realize the media has changed over the years, I realize the internet has changed all of our lives, some for the good and some not so good. I just never before have associated the Office of the President of the United States as a showbiz gig. Not even when Ronald Reagan was president. Show biz was over and it was time to settle down and do the job at hand.

I know, I've not been sleeping much lately and am a tad stressed out, so maybe its just me.


Anonymous said...

He goes on these shows to explain policy to the people who watch them. Not only for his ego. Today a large segment of the population gets its news from shows like this. The white house is trying to engage them and turn them on to politics.

Don to so sore!

Miz Kizzle said...

I agree with you about Obama. Behind the ballyhoo about "change" here just isn't much there. The media is treating him and Michelle like JFK and Jackie redeaux. It's exciting to have a young, articulate, attractive man in the White House but is it too much to ask for substance instead of glitz?
His comment comparing his bowling skills to the Special Olympics was unfortunate. It seemed like a glimpse of the "real" Obama: spoiled, arrogant and disparaging of those who don't have his intellectual gifts.
The next four years will be interesting. This country is in serious trouble and it's going to take more than a broad smile and babble about "change" to dig us out of the pit we've found ourselves in. I predict Obama will be a one-term wonder.