Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Ok, I have had this rant before regarding Kosciusko on another blog... And I am back at it now. I live in Kosciusko County. There are several towns and burgs in this community, but none of them are named Kosciusko. If someone told me to drive to Kosciusko, I would be befuddled. Should I drive to Pierceton, Leesburg, Syracuse, Warsaw, Winona Lake, Clunette, Claypool, Silver Lake, Milford, North Webster, etc.....?

The Journal Gazette newstaff is once again referring to Kosciusko County as Kosciusko. Fact is, the story they are reporting about took place at a cottage on Ridinger Lake which is just outside of Pierceton and has a Pierceton mailing address. I know, this is petty, but its my pet peeve and it just really bugs me. I know the last time I posted about this on another blog, it stopped for awhile, but it has started again. Since my site meter indicates that I get visitors from fort wayne dot com, perhaps they will take note again.

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