Thursday, October 16, 2008

This is what I hear when I really listen to Obama

As I listened to the political debate last night, when I truly tuned in and listened to Obama, I heard him very eloquently tell me in the future I am going to work my ass off and give everything I have equally to everyone else, including the ones who do nothing. Where is the American dream in this? What is the point in having a dream and following it only to give it to everyone???

A system of government in which the state plans and controls the
economy and a single, often authoritarian party holds power, claiming to
progress toward a higher social order in which all goods are equally
shared by
the people. American Heritage Dictionary

I am sorry folks, but there it is, plain and simple. You elect a Democrat President with congress being controlled by the Democrats and we can all watch our dreams go down the toliet. Because like it or not, someone is going to be paying for all of the free stuff somewhere, and its going to be the working folks!


Sheri said...

I certainly don't make more than $250,000 a year, so this working folk won't have her taxes increased at all under Obama's plan. I highly doubt you will either.

Hope all is going well with the family!

JR - A Green Eyed Gurl.... said...

Hey Sheri!

You are right in ASSUMING that I don't make $250K a year. YET. I am working and going to school and am on a good career path with a very profitable family business to step into. I have no reason to believe that I cannot achieve such a goal.

Now, if Obama becomes president, why would I want to continue to work and try so hard to attain this goal only to realize I will then not only be supporting my family, but the people who choose to do nothing. Not everyone who makes over $250K a year has had that money handed to them on a silver platter. They have worked hard to get there. Now they will be penalized for having done that.

I think Obama is a very eloquent and charismatic speaker and he talks in circles around what he is saying. You have to tune in and listen clearly to hear the communism coming through loud and clear.

I pay my own healthcare insurance and it costs me $4320 a year. I have had many health problems and have high blood pressure so I pay a higher rate. It is nowhere near $12,000 a year. Where does he get his numbers?

Sheri, you and I have come to agree to disagree and respect each others opinions, its what makes this country great. I do want you to know that I have tuned in and listened and researched and am making my decisions factually, not just heartfelt.

My kids are good, thank you for asking, know that I sympathize with the dentist thing, I personally am terrified to go to the dentist and I am usually drugged and dragged there! I keep Dustin and your family in my prayers as I know this is a difficult time of the year for him traditionally.

Anonymous said...

Obama will lead us down the rosey path of fascism and socialism. Don't be fooled by what the liberals think. He says he's going to give a tax break to 95% of the people? Bullshit. 40% don't even pay any taxes now. It's nothing more than wealth redistribution.

If the guy gets elected, I'm sure there be plenty of people on grassy knolls.

Sheri said...

You are a bright woman and I too respect your choices even if they are not my own. I appreciate that at least you have taken a look and decided what is best for you. (I am ASSUMING your bright! *wink*)

I too think there is a problem with those doing "nothing". But there are those who do alot and still are stuck in a pattern. I assume we will never agree. That's okay, I still want the best for you and your family. :)

I will never make $250,000 in my career path, unfortunately education is not a profitable field. But I pay my bills, live within my means and support my family.

Take care~

Sheri said...

"If the guy gets elected, I'm sure there be plenty of people on grassy knolls."

Irresponsible. You make me ill.

Robert Enders said...

If what you receive in wages or salary as an educator exceeds your expenses as an educator, then you have made a profit.