Friday, January 2, 2009


Please tell me its finally time to get back to normal? No you say! One more day of the lunacy and then a weekend? If you promise that Monday will start to seem normal again I think I can survive. If you say today is the last real day of the holiday season and vacations, I think I can make it. I think I can.

Its 2009 and its a new year and time for another new beginning. This past year has seen many changes in our lives and we survived and are the better for many of them. I learned my kids are growing up and earning more freedom in their lives. They learned that sometimes the words of wisdom I offer truly are "words of wisdom". See my daughter's adventure in December with her truck being wrecked by her boyfriend. We are still dealing with that mess.

Speaking of that mess. We have tonka truck back. It had to have a new computer board installed. Her dad stepped in and fixed it and paid for it for her. We still have recourse from the boyfriend however. The prosecutor did act upon my statement of the understanding the boyfriend and I had regarding the vehicle and he now sits in jail on two warrants, one missing a court date, and one unlawful use of a vehicle. As I hear it, no bond is set and no hearing until this coming Thursday.

My ex-husband has exhibited an about face in his behaviour the past few weeks, he stepped in and helped my daughter and they have been talking on the phone and spending some time together. He called her the other night and told her to go to the tire shop today because he is buying her a new set of tires for tonka. She refers to him as Dad now instead of calling him by his first name. He has had the boys this week and let the youngest come home last night because he was homesick for me, in the past, he told him to "be a man". We didn't fight over the Christmas visitation this year, we just went with how it is supposed to be and everyone seems to be the better for it. My goodness the man even wished me a Merry Christmas and I even thanked him for his help in the wreck situation.

More on tonka truck, it has $2700 in body damage, so little Mr. Boyfriend has quite a bill to pay, and no job and no ambition.... I am hoping this will be a lesson learned for my daughter that she will apply to her own book of wisdom.

I will however hold an little gratitude for Mr. Boyfriend in that he brought back some healing in a very broken relationship between my daughter and her dad. I hope the progress made will continue and she will have her dad back. She needs that very much in her life. He is certainly not the best dad in the world, but he is her dad.

This year will bring about more big changes in our world as my daughter will graduate high school and step out into the real world a little more. It will be a difficult transition for me, to let go of my baby, but I am sure we will find our way. My oldest son will be getting a driver's license this year which will be another set of worries for me and my little boy will continue on his journey in life, with his thirst for knowledge overwhelming and mind boggling, I think I will soon have to keep a dictionary nearby in order to engage in conversations with him, he loves new words and using them in proper context.

I wish all of you a happy new year, a return to normalcy as we all know it and health and happiness in the year to come.

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Sheri said...

I am all teary-eyed! How awesome is that! I am thrilled for you. Maybe some closure for you daughter and a new start this year is exactly what the doctor ordered. He wished you are merry chirstmas?! fabulous!

I am so pleased for you. You are a great mom!