Thursday, December 13, 2007

A forever problem

Divorce. A solution to a lot of very real problems. And yet the source of many more problems, forever problems. Maybe not so much if the couple never had children. But if you had children, even though you have eliminated your spouse from your life, the spouse is still there in the lives of your children and mucking up things every chance they can.

When the divorce was finalized, it was strongly suggested that we adhere to the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. Before that we had a system worked out that worked quite well. We talked things through and worked with each other with the thought of what was best for the kids. No matter what things come up and you just need to deviate from the guidelines.

Two years ago the kids and I had moved into our new home. I talked my ex into letting me have the kids (boys), keep in mind he doesn't see our daughter, for Christmas Eve and morning. Last year he moved into his home and he had the boys with him for Christmas Eve and morning. I realize, according to the guidelines, its his year to have them again.....but since we have been flip-flopping I called him today and asked if I could have them this year. Remember, since he doesn't see our daughter anymore, he separates the kids on Christmas Eve and morning when he has them.....:( Well anyhow, in the course of the conversation he had to be his usual azzhole self.....sigh......It ended with him needing to sleep on it and think about it and he will call me tomorrow. I hate this stuff so much.

Well lets all just say a prayer tonight that he can dig down deep inside of his selfish little soul and find some Christmas spirit.

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