Saturday, September 6, 2008

The deal is done

I bit the bullet and bought a used car today. Much like the one pictured here. I drove to Mishawaka to see one that I had found online. Before I went I did all my research, I knew my Kelly Book Value, I had a carfax report in my hand and it was off a lot of a used car dealer that used to advertise with me when I worked for a local radio station.
When I got to the lot I looked it over, two dings in it, carfax indicated its never been wrecked and his been in the shop for regular maintenance on a regular basis. The dealer gave me the keys and said to check it out. So I went down the road and called my nephew. He went over everything with me over the phone - I checked everything under the hood as directed and then drove it with him on the phone telling me things to do. We found some bugs - but they are fixable bugs.

So I went back to the dealer, told him what I had found and asked for his best number. I said no, too high. He asked my number and he had to call the owner. The owner said to meet me in the middle, I said no, still too high. He didn't want to budge. I said no problem, I still had some other leads to follow up on. Started to leave and guess what.....???? He made the deal at my price. I got it for $200 less than my nephew said I should end up at. I am a happy girl.
Its very much like the car pictured above, a Lincoln LS 2002, it has tinted windows, a moon roof, charcoal leather interior and a 6 disc cd player. (All my priorities!) So I guess over the next few days we will see how good of a deal I made. I paid for it and drove it home then the kids and I went back and got my other car. Which is now my daughter's and hopefully life just got a bit easier.


AWB said...

Wow, I'm impressed :)

Katie said...

Wow, sounds like a good deal to me! Thanks for leaving me a comment! I didn't know you were a blogger! Last time you left a comment you posted as anonymous. This time your profile lead me here and I see you have been doing this longer than I have! I'll be back to visit again soon!