Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I am not seeking a cat fight. I am shocked at a recent post by another blogger. She and I simply agree to disagree. We also respect each other and our own plights with our own families. And once again, we agree to disagree.
I just watched Sarah Palin's speech at the Republican Convention. This woman is the "American Family". From her son leaving for Iraq on September 11, to her pregnant teenage daughter, to her special needs baby. She is living life. In full color. She is an advocate for every American family in one way or another.
She is going to speak loudly and clearly about ending this war. She is not going to stand by and let us forfeit, but she is going to push for an end. Look at her track record in her state. Look at what she has accomplished for Alaska. Listen to what she says about jobs in America. About families in America. About children in America. Listen to her. Look at her record. Read about her. If you truly open your mind to what she has to offer, you may be able to see beyond the party line and see the big picture and look to what is good and right not only for you, but for the nation as well.

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