Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Easter is going to be different this year. Kind of an ending to some traditions and maybe a beginning of new traditions and a few old ones kept in for good measure.

We used to go to brunch at the country club. Not this year. Its a tradition I am sad to see go, I liked getting my kids all dressed up and getting a family picture.

My oldest daughter is a senior this year and will be 18 at the end of this month. In her mind everything is going to change and she wants to move out....I am pretty sure she is going to be here for awhile longer, but nevertheless, our lives are changing.

It has been hit and miss over the years whether we make it to church or not....this year I am not sure yet....

My youngest son is 10, so perhaps its time to forego the egg hunt. I just can't quite bring myself to do this, so I am working on a treasure hunt for each of the kids...we will see how this works out. It might be a fun new tradition.

I also can't give up the Easter basket thing, so I have been buying up all of the stupid hokey toys that bring back memories of my childhood, and have you seen the new peeps??? I got carrots, frogs, orange bunnies, periwinkle bunnies....all kinds of cute peeps.

We are having dinner at my sister's house, but I think I might make a ham and some side dishes to have at my home for the evening...those kids, they get hungry all of the time!

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Katie@ThisCrazyLife said...

I'm so glad you're back! Been missing you and wondering how things were going. Glad to hear the mediation worked out. Hope your "new" Easter goes well!