Sunday, February 18, 2007


At the very end of my divorce, my ex-husband took possession of the house and changed the locks and would not let the kids and I back in to get the rest of our belongings. He destroyed many of our belongings long before I could get the court to do anything to help us. It was a very horrible thing. But truthfully no worse than if we had a fire or a flood.

In a final mediation to end all of the marital disputes I was able to get my grandmother's china, my jewelry and the family pictures back. I agreed to divide the pictures and give him half of them back. I have put this off for a very long time.

This afternoon I pulled out one of two very large and very full boxes of pictures that represents our life together. Talk about a tough job. Many memories and many emotions. Some good. Some bad. Some highlighting the obvious that I did not see then, but see clearly now. Wow.

I hope when I deliver these pictures to him he takes some time and goes thru them too. He has a horrible relationship with our oldest daughter, as a matter of fact, I thought we had found a truce in their four year dispute, but he has drifted away from her again. Truthfully I am putting more than half of the pictures of her in there, he didn't spend much time with any of the kids while we were married, so she really is a stranger to him. I guess I am trying to introduce him to the beautiful little girl that he does not know. I hope it makes his heart hurt.


Anonymous said...

I pray good things for your soul.
Life is amazing. Be resilient, steadfast and strong.

Please do not ever share the divorce your children. Even when they are 30, 40, 50 years from now. They have 1 Mom and 1 Dad. And they will love each of you unconditionally the rest of your life. Make that count now and forever.

For youur life... Get a new lawyer. Times have changed. Protect yourself. And don't settle for less.


one4JC said...

Hang in there...

I can't say I have been there and lived through it yet but you seem to be strong enough to handle this hurdle... so take a deep breath and dive on in...