Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ever have one of those days?

Today seemed to just be a day where I had a dark cloud over my head. The snow had me worried I guess. I started off the day calling my sister and asking her not to work today. She thinks she is wonder woman sometimes and I just didn't want her traveling too far from home. Her job takes her all over north central Indiana. She assured me she only had one local appointment. So I granted her permission to go.

Next I reminded my best friend to be very careful on the roads. He took it under advisement. Then my stepdad called and came to get my oldest son to go in town to get gas for the snowblowers. So I had them to worry about.

Finally, it seemed everyone had called it a snow day and was back where they belonged. My oldest son set out in the neighborhood to offer to plow drives for neighbors. Later in the afternoon my youngest son decided to play outside while his brother was plowing.

That is where the cloud of doom over my head turned out to be a real problem. I kept checking on the youngest son and he was out front in the driveway playing with his remote control air blade thing. He decided to go around back to where the pond is, and for whatever reason the pond is not completely froze over, so he wanted to test his air blade and see if it would go on water....

I heard yelling outside and I ran out the backdoor to see what was wrong and couldn't see my son anywhere but saw his remote control thing on the pier...I ran through the house to the garage as he was coming around that side screaming and crying.

He had slipped off of the pier and fallen into the pond. He was soaked. I got him in and stripped him and wrapped him in blankets til he was warm and quit crying. After dry warm clothes and some quiet snuggling time I went to my room and cried my eyes out. It was a terrifying situation.

He told me about slipping off the pier and trying to pull himself up on the ice and it kept breaking away and sinking in the water. The he grabbed ahold of a pier post to pull himself up out of the water and his glove froze to it and he fell back into the water. He got himself out and came to the house. Later, my older son went out and got the air blade and brought the glove in to show me. It was frozen in the shape of his little hand and wrapped around the pole. When I saw that the tears started all over again.

There has been much snuggling, cuddling and I Love You's between me and all three of my kids all evening. We all learned what matters most today - and its all about the people you love in your life. That really is all that matters.

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trying2hide said...

Oh my.
That would certainly scare that crapola outta me. I suppose that the angels had a little hold on your son.
You keep squeezing on him.
You are a good mom.