Monday, February 19, 2007


My boys came home from a weekend at their dad's. They spent a lot of time playing in the snow and on the snowmobile, four wheelers and six wheeler. Weekends like this always make me nervous. And after my youngest one fell in the pond earlier this week...I was simply apprehensive.

The first thing my oldest one said to me when he got home was he wanted to know if we could go to Fort Wayne to Parkview Hospital. I asked why. It turns out, his dad's best friend and girlfriend had been out snowmobiling late Saturday night and barhopping. They wrecked on the way home on the snowmobile in the wee hours of the morning. Apparently what they thought was a snow drift was a pile of rocks.

My ex-husband's very best friend is in the hospital with a broken arm and a broken neck. They are going to do surgery on the arm and then set the halo. This gentleman is younger than my ex husband and he has always been a very good friend to all of us. It makes me very sad to see such a young strong man be set back like this. But he is strong and will work through it, I am sure of this.

My boys got some serious looks at reality this week. They always look forward to a big snowfall because it is so rare around here and there is so much fun to be had. However, this year's snow ended up being kind of scary for them on two counts. These are valuable life lessons to be learned, and Mother Nature is a force to be respected, not tested.

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