Saturday, March 3, 2007

A Gurlie Gurl

Well the full moon hit last night and spring fever and I went just plain old stir crazy. After I dropped all of my kids off at their destinations I got a bee in my bonnet and headed east to Fort Wayne. I had a NEED TO SHOP.

I started at Burlington Coat Factory. Saw a few things, nothing major. Went to Jefferson Pointe and went into my favorite store and decided everything looked too grown up or something. My birthday is quickly approaching and I think I may be having a bit of a crisis... Then I decided it was just too cold to shop at Jefferson Pointe so I went to Glenbrook.

I found some really good deals at some of my favorite stores at Glenbrook. I even bought myself a bottle of my favorite perfume. I left Fort Wayne feeling much better and feeling much more like a gurlie gurl again. Every now and then I just need to shop for myself. Most of the time I head out with that as my intention and come home with nothing for myself and everything for my kids. Last night I did not buy a single thing for any of them!

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