Sunday, March 25, 2007

We had soooooo much fun!

The Friday night bowling venture got postponed to tonight, so as not to interfere with the social lives of my 14 and 15 year old kids...hmmm - while I stayed home alone and watched movies. Sigh.

But we went bowling this evening and the bowling alley was experiencing a lot of technical difficulties, our balls kept getting stuck and we would have to go to the desk.  They finally told us we needed to pick different balls to use.  We did.  They still kept getting stuck.  We could not get through and entire frame without having to go to the front desk. It was frustrating.  They finally came over and said they were going to move us to a different lane.  At that point I said we were done and we wanted our money back, they said they would only give us half back because we completed one game.   I said fine whatever and we left.

My daughter told me a new place in town had opened. Its called "Somethin' Funn"  and has an inside go kart track, a tokens and tickets type arcade, and laser tag. My family is pretty good friends with the family that took this venture on, so  Butch (owner) and Harvey just spoiled us rotten, showing us around and such.  The kids loved the go karts and my youngest of course liked the arcade the best since he was about 3 inches too short to drive a go kart by himself. It was almost closing time by the time we got around to wanting to try out the laser tag - so we had to save that for another visit.  We had pizza and pop while we were there and Butch and Harvey kept giving my kids cotton candy and cookies and candy and stuff, oh my!

I think the very best part of all was when my daughter asked if just she and I could come back again sometime when the boys are with their dad.  I thought that was pretty way cool that she wants to hang with me someplace like that - you know, public and all, and a place where her friends will be too.  It was just one of those warm fuzzy feelings you get.

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