Thursday, March 6, 2008


Drama. Drama. Drama.

Sometimes parenting teenagers can be sooooooo dramatic.

Tonight my daughter and her boyfriend got into a fight. Again. This drives me crazy.

The kids and I had gone out to dinner and her cell phone battery died. So her boyfriend kept calling and texting her on my phone and my son's phone. I answered my phone and told him to stop. Then he sent a text to my daughter that he didn't want me to see but he sent it on my phone. All heck broke loose then and she got mad at him.

Then the phone calls began. This kid went so far as to have his mom call my house for my daughter. So I answer and this raspy barroom cigarette smoking voice asks to talk to my daughter. I ask who's calling and she tells me her name. So then I ask what its regarding and she says she is a friend. I said that I didn't recognize her name as anyone my daughter talks about. And she says so you are not going to let me talk to her. I said well forgive me, but you sound like maybe you are a bit older than my daughter so I am just a little concerned about what you want with my daughter. Then she informs me that my daughter is friends with her son, but she tells me the other son, not the son that my daughter is "going out with"........then............this woman had the nerve to hang up on me for being a concerned parent......geesh!

I called her back after I talked to my daughter and found out who she was and strongly recommended that she not call here again. Gawd, just you watch, my daughter will marry this yoyo someday and I will have to sit thru numerous family functions with this woman.

I. Hate. Drama.

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