Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Football

Saturday, Dec. 23

Kansas City at Oakland 8:00 pm

Jess - Kansas City

Sunday, Dec. 24

Baltimore at Pittsburgh 1:00 pm

Jess - Baltimore

Carolina at Atlanta 1:00 pm

Jess - Carolina

Chicago at Detroit 1:00 pm

Jess - Chicago

Indianapolis at Houston 1:00 pm

Jess - Indianapolis

New England at Jacksonville 1:00 pm

Jess - New England

New Orleans at N.Y. Giants 1:00 pm

Jess - New Orleans

Tampa Bay at Cleveland 1:00 pm

Jess - Cleveland

Tennessee at Buffalo 1:00 pm

Jess - Tennessee

Washington at St. Louis 1:00 pm

Jess - St. Louis

Arizona at San Francisco 4:05 pm

Jess - San Francisco

Cincinnati at Denver 4:15 pm

Jess - Denver (Just because they got snow for Christmas!)

San Diego at Seattle 4:15 pm

Jess - Seattle

Monday, Dec. 25
Philadelphia at Dallas 5:00 pm

Jess - Dallas

N.Y. Jets at Miami 8:30 pm

Jess - NY Jets

During Monday night's game it came to light that next season I may have to revamp my system, it seems there are some other factors that intrigue me while viewing football - some being lines on fields, good happy dances, and the appearance of the teams "costumes" or "outfits"...

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Tim Zank said...

Good to see your going to continue next season with your scientific "pick" process!! Whatever works!!!