Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Are You a Drama Queen?

Your Results:
You're the Queen of Courtesy
You speak up when something's wrong, but you stay quiet when it won't help. You know what to do to garner respect from your peers - but you also know what not to do as well. You hold yourself in high-esteem and you don't let people take advantage of you. But you're also tactful and keep a cool head. Sure, when things go wrong you could scream and pick a fight, but you'd rather spend your energy on improving your own life, not jumping into a catty battle. When a friend takes center stage, you're happy for her, because you know that she'll be happy for you when it's your turn to shine. And when something goes wrong in a high-pressure situation, you deal with it calmly and stay composed. You know that flying off the handle will only make things that much worse. You also know that there are times when you just can't win, and instead of letting it get to you, you move on with your life. Your combination of self-respect and respect for those around you will serve you well wherever you are.

Note - This test came from the same website as the personality test!

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