Thursday, November 6, 2008

Home Office

Over the weekend I moved my office into my home. I love working from home and apparently the cats like it too. They keep me company thats for sure! The office took over my living room which resulted in us having to move the sofa up onto the "catwalk", this morning I caught the two "kittens" taking in a view from the top and I thought it was just too hilarious to not capture.
I missed a great opportunity last night, Mikey was sitting on my desk in front of my computer watching the screen saver. I went to get the camera but then he moved...I was going to send it to my mom and sister and tell them he was our newest employee. As I am adding this post, Mercedes (not pictured) is laying in my chair, Mikey the dark colored cat is laying on my desk, and Maggie (the one green eye, one blue eyed kitty, is sitting on the loveseat with me. Yes, they really do like having me home with them all day!

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