Thursday, January 10, 2008

Halloween or Reality?

This picture was sent to me on Halloween, but somehow it just seems appropriate anytime of the year with her.

My mother picks some of the strangest candidates to endorse and for the worst possible reasons. She is on the bandwagon for Hillary. Her reason? Because she is a woman. I am just glad that my vote will cancel my mother's vote.

I lost respect for Hillary years ago. The fact that she has always been a "mighty businesswoman" but she stood by and let her husband make a complete mockery of her marriage. At that point in time Hillary had the opportunity to send a powerful message to women everywhere, a message stating that women do not have to be treated that way, we can all stand tall and be proud of ourselves and we do not need a man for our identity. Hillary should have and could have divorced her husband for his tom foolery, and moved forward with her life and you know what? I would have respected her then and I probably would consider voting for her if she had shown a backbone then, but she just let a man walk all over her and make a fool of her. So add to that her identity problem, you know the one where she changes persona for each crowd of people that she addresses? "Witch" Hillary is the real Hillary?

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