Monday, January 7, 2008

Sad news

Over the weekend I ran into a dear friend of mine I had not seen for a couple of months. We were in a bar in Fort Wayne and he pulled me out to the wonderful smoking patio (I don't smoke) but we could hear to talk over the band. He informed me he has stomach cancer and is terminally ill. He has opted to forego treatment and just be comfortable. He is younger than me. He is going to Indy to the VA hospital at the first of February and will probably never leave there.

This breaks my heart. He is a good friend who would do anything in the world for anyone but has always been something of a lost soul. He has been a drifter and at times a "mooch" - but we all know and accept him as he is. We know to never give him more money than we can afford to depart with and never see again. We know when he shows up to sleep on our sofa to not let him stay too long or he will not leave.

Nevertheless, this is not my wish for him. My wish for him was to find his happiness in life and settle down into a normal life. I have to say, he seemed more free and happy than I have ever seen him. I think he truly has found his inner peace. He did say he has made peace with his family and has all of his affairs in order.

My prayers are with him.

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