Sunday, January 13, 2008


Teal is the color I decided on for my family room. My son and I are painting it today. I chose to paint the back wall and around the corner and the stairway wall into the foyer. It is going to take two coats, but I think it will look good.

I am already aching and hurting and have had one of my dizzy spells that I kept having this summer. But its ok, when we get the second coat of paint on a little later I will go take a hot bubbly bath!

We have the Colts game on and all is well. It will be a weekend of something accomplished.

Unfortunately, tomorrow at work is going to be a completely different story. We have an absolute mess with our computer conversion. My mother is ready to fire both companies which would be horrible because none of us know enough about anything that has been done to fix anything. So if you have it in your heart, say a little prayer for me for my day at work tomorrow, its gonna be a tough one.

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