Thursday, January 4, 2007

Oh What an Interesting Turn of Events

Well it looks as if I have something else to add to my new year's resolutions. Find a new job! I have been on a medical leave for the past six weeks and meet with my doctor today in hopes of being released to return to work. Ugly rumors surfaced yesterday that my former employer had sold the business.

So meanwhile, I have a job I have been working on from home that could actually be lucrative. I have been doing some media consulting for a local business, and I could try to expand into my own business, not sure if I am really ready for that, but maybe - just maybe... and of course I am a gal who always has something in the pipeline, so there may be another opportunity yet to come to fruition, it has been discussed, I just want to be assured it will not interfere with a much more important friendship, I will NOT forfeit the friendship in the hopes of making some money. However, there is yet another couple of opportunities that have been discussed in passing that I can also follow up on.

I am not really sweating it yet, rather, I am going to study all options and decide what I really want to do and maybe even determine what I want to be when I grow up!!! This is going to be all about attitude and if I take on a defeated "life sucks" attitude......well then I am sure I will get a bowl of lemons.....but I think I am going to make lemonade...


Tim Zank said...

Take your time, and do what really feels right to you. You'll make lemonade out of any lemons that may come your way.

JR said...

Thanks Tim, I am not seeing this as a dark cloud at all, and quite truthfully, if I decide I still want that job, I can wow them in the interview and get it, I am just not sure its what I want, it had me on the road a lot, leaving the house at 7 am and not getting home til 6 or 7 pm and then trying to raise my kids...I think I might find something that will be as lucrative or more so and more accomodating to raising a family.